Bringing measurement technology closer to the customer

FISCHER restructures its German salesforce and opens two new Application Laboratories

Fischer launched into 2017 with an ambitious resolution: to further improve its sales and consulting services across Germany. For this reason, the New Year saw the start of a serious salesforce expansion and a restructuring of the national sales regions. At the same time, two new Application Laboratories – in Berlin and Düsseldorf – opened their doors to the world. For Fischer customers, these changes bring not only convenience but other benefits as well.

As of January 1, 2017 Helmut Fischer GmbH has significantly reduced the size of each of its sales regions across Germany and expanded its sales team. This enables the measurement technology experts to respond even more quickly to customer inquiries. Fischer customers further benefit from having a single point of contact for the entire product portfolio. Whether for tactile devices for measuring coating thickness or X-ray fluorescence instruments for material analysis, or for systems that determine microhardness testing – onsite consultations at the customer's premises will be more comprehensive, more interdisciplinary and more straightforward. Meanwhile, a team of top-notch service technicians ensures the continuity of after-sales support.

Another step taken in the direction of the customer is seen in the opening of two new Application Laboratories. The strategic locations of Berlin and Düsseldorf were chosen to provide the shortest travel distances possible for the most customers within Germany. This means that, besides the company headquarters in Sindelfingen, there are now two additional places to experience Fischer technology hands-on, to work with experts on solutions to measurement tasks and to attend seminars on various metrology topics.

"Measurement technology is becoming increasingly automated and integrated into production lines – this is quality assurance for the industry 4.0. With the right measurement technology it is possible to optimize the thickness of costly coatings and reduce amount of production rejects. This requires lightning-fast service and competent advice onsite, because downtime is very expensive," says Markus Reichert, Head of Sales in Germany, about the reasons behind expanding the Fischer team. Fischer's Application Laboratories represent a direct interface to the R&D department, where customers can participate in the development of tailor-made solutions to their measurement tasks.

Further steps towards closer customer ties are planned for 2017. In this way, "Measuring made Easy" – the company's credo – not only describes the operation of the instruments but also sums up the consulting and technical service experiences onsite.

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