Automated measuring systems

Whether for 100% inspection or analyzing random samples, all of Fischer’s automated instruments are designed for use in running production processes.

Automated layer thickness measurement with the MMS Inline



  • Flexible, modular system with many different measuring methods
  • Equipped with interfaces according to industry standards
  • Always constant measuring conditions
  • Integrated statistical analysis

Your advantages

  • Can be used at different stages of production
  • Direct connection to higher-level systems via fieldbus
  • Due to the very good repeatability, very fine differences in the coating quality can be revealed and the process can be improved
  • Measuring on steel and aluminum

The multi-axis robotic arm positions the probe perfectly – even on curved surfaces

X-RAY 4000: the solution in the strip electroplating



  • Versatile X-ray fluorescence system
  • Unique features for stamped strips
  • Many statistical functions

Your advantages

  • Can quickly and easily be converted for new measurement tasks, so you are always able to measure
  • Measurements on tiny structures like stamped or full strips
  • Reduce the material consumption significantly while the coating quality remains the same
  • Interfaces to quality management systems

Fischer X-ray fluorescence systems: inline, fast, non-destructive

Traverse systems for electroplating and solar industry – X-RAY 5000



  • Individual traverse systems, customized for your production
  • Robust housing
  • Integrated measurement distance correction for glass substrates

Your advantages

  • Long-term stability even in hot, dusty or humid environments
  • Automatic monitoring for quality assurance guarantees consistent precision
  • The software compensates possible bulges of the product – distance sensors are no longer required
  • Improvement of cell efficiency in thin film solar cells (e. g. CIGS)

Large measuring distance and wide measuring spots allow convenient
analysis of large objects

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